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A great little assortment that kids cannot help but pick up. Comes in a handsome transparent bag with red handles.

0820 Big Volcano x1
FB301 Little Chief x1
FB8500 Snappers x1 (box of 50)
FB8502 Party Poppers x3
FB8502A Magnum Popper x1
MX301 Cuckoo x1
MX303 Conic Ftn x1
MX306 6" Asst Ftn x1
MX316 Friendship Ftn x1
MX801 Crackling Ball x1 (bag of 6)
MX824 Morning Glory x1 box
MX828 Tank w Report x1

DIMENSIONS 8.0 L × 5.0 W × 5.0 H

Lil Goodie Bag

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